Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So starting June 3rd Hellgate opens back up. This happened to be one of my favorite games while it was active so hearing news about its reopening came as a huge surprise to me. I will be changing the format of this blog from the recap of my SC2 games into a more creative journal of my journey back into Hellgate. If you are interested in the closed beta you can check the facebook fan page here or the official site here. Good luck and see you all in hell!

Friday, October 15, 2010

League of Legends

The past few days I havent been playing as much Starcraft because last weekend League of Legends had a all champions unlocked. So I messed around with that for a few days and got a hold of a few champions that I wanted to play as for a while but they never seem to unlock. The best of which was Sona. She was just released a few weeks before the free weekend and as I love playing supports she seemed awesome but I didnt want to get burned on yet another new champion. I recently bought Kogmaw, Miss Fortune, and Urgot all of which are seemingly imposable to use in a PUG so I didnt want to have the same problem over again. Needless to say I was horribly wrong about he usefulness outside of premades. Her Q, while quite unassuming, is actually one of the best skills I have seen in the game. Not only does it do about 350 maxed out but it also adds ability power and attack damage to nearby champions which is a huge bonus for something that you need to do anyways. Next she has her basic heal which is awesome, I love heals, but not only that it also boosts armor and magic resistance! This is starting to get ridiculous with all these added bonus auras but it gets even better! Now her last spell is a basic speed boost, it knocks you and a champion into a 20% or so speed buff which is gigantic...BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! It also adds a flat movement rate buff so not only are you zipping around at a bonus % youre also getting a flat increase as well. Needless to say this is huge for getting to teamfights, helping allies escape, and chasing down weak heroes. Her ultimate while extremely awesome is channeled which in the heat of battle I often find myself accidentally canceling. Overall she is an amazing champion and I love playing as her so once again sorry for the lack of updates to the Woodleague Ive just been busy having fun playing the vidya.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Few days lapse

Sorry for lapsing for a few days there, had to catch up on some much needed sleep but I did manage to do one thing while I was away.

Monday, October 11, 2010

ZvP Walloff

Now this is one of the more interesting game I played. This protoss had walled off his base which I dont see many people do. He was headed in the right direction getting some photon cannons behind his buildings but my new 6 pool gas cancel build was a bit too much for him I guess. as I reached the front door he had just finished his forge so I knew I didnt have long, I took out his only pylon and ran into his base to his probe line. Its a shame he spent so much trying to defend his front while I just ran straight to the back and hit his probe line. In all fairness I should say that he did run his workers into range of his cannon wall but then I just switched focus to his nexus and it was GG.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ZvP Smashing

I almost feel bad for protoss right now if it werent for blinking stalkers and cannon rushes. This is the match up that 6 pool is made for and unless youre a micro god youre going to get swept. I rushed his base and like a lot of Protoss that dont deal well with the rush he stopped all his workers to just run away while I trapped units one by one and picked them off. He eventually turned around when he got his zealot out but by that time he had 3 probes left to my 6 zerglings and 12 drones. At the end of the fight he had nothing left except one zealot so he tapped out and the game was won.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

ZvT Domination

Once again using my favorite combo I shut out a Terran tonight. 6 pool harass was rather inefficient but it kept him at home which was nice. It always seems if you early harass in bronze people stay home until they have their cap or cheese. About 3rd expo time (Again) he came in with some banshees that were dispatched by a few infesters right about the time I hatched my first corrupters. After they came out the game became amazingly one sided as his whole army was based on banshee tech. He did manage to get a thor out which held off my initial push but at that time he hadnt expoed at all and it was just a waiting game. After his main was finished he did the usual Terran which is to run around the map making command centers until I can kill them all which wasnt hard to do at all. I give this game a solid 7/10, he wasnt that bad but he still got smashed on. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

First loss on the awesome looking new map

So after a disappointing day at work I come home to find a new SC2 map, AWESOME! I tried a strategy that really couldnt have worked on the map but I gave it a shot anyways just for fun. Did a 6 pool rush into broodlord tech. Had he not attacked at the moment he did he would have been done for but since he got my hidden 3rd expo which was a huge source of income for he he got the GG.